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Prayer: A guide to conversing with God

The Road to Emmaus (RTE) group from Bible Apostolate of St Ignatius will be offering a course on Prayer: “A guide to conversing with God”. Prayer is the response of the faithful to the God’s free promise of salvation and love. In this series of 13 sessions via Zoom we will explore the meaning and practice of prayer.

The course is divided into two parts. In the first part, we will explore some foundational aspects of prayer, while in the second part, mostly conducted by priests, we will examine some practical aspects of various Catholic prayers and prayer traditions. For some of the sessions, participants will be expected to do a fair bit of Scriptural study and reflection each day on their own, which will itself be a form of prayer and inculcate the prayer habit.

Event Details

Mondays, starting 4 July 2022
8.00pm - 9.45pm via Zoom

Registration Details
Register at: or email latest by 5 June 2022.

Please note there are limited places available and once the places are filled no further registrations can be taken.