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Synod Conversation Evenings

As part of the Parish Synod Project we are organising two “Synod Conversation Evenings” for parishioners to participate in. Let us come together as one Church to PRAY, REFLECT, SHARE and LISTEN to each other's faith experiences, joys and challenges and what God's will might be for the Church going forward.

Event Details

Wednesday, 23 March, 8-10pm

St Ignatius Hall (in person; Vaccinated-only) or via Zoom


Register at

What is the Synod about?

The word Synod comes from Greek and means “journeying together”. The current Synod (2021- 2023) was initiated by Pope Francis to encourage a greater culture of dialogue and listening throughout the Catholic Church, and to listen to the concerns of the People of God as we face a challenging and changing world.


It is running from Oct 2021 to Oct 2023 and consists of several phases culminating in a Synod of Bishops in Rome in Oct 2023. We are currently in the local conversation phase (Dec 2021 to April 2022) where individual dioceses around the world are encouraging local communities to dialogue together and gathering their inputs to be submitted to their bishops’ conference.


Find out more about the Synod at

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