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Tuesday Ladies' Bible Study

Join us for for a 21-session study (sessions split up for better reflection) “Revelation: The Kingdom Yet to Come” by Ascension Press starting on 12 September 2023.

We will learn how the kingdom established by Christ in his Church is intimately connected with the kingdom of heaven, and how Revelation is more than an apocalyptic vision of the “end times”.

The workbook is required (around $55).

Event details
Every Tuesday (starting 12 Sept 2023), 10am - 12pm, Zoom

Registration details

Contact Jennet at 9864 3793 or Elizabeth at 9694 2778 by 30 July to register your interest.

Tuesday Ladies

Wednesday Wonderer

Will you follow Jesus to calvary?

Filmed on location in the Holy Land, No Greater Love is a biblical pilgrimage that reveals Christ’s amazing love for us. Best-selling author Edward Sri guides you through the last hours of Christ’s life. You will walk step-by-step with Jesus from the garden of Gethsemane to Mount Calvary. Every step of the way, Old Testament prophecies, messianic expectations, biblical symbolism, and historical context shed light on the mystery of Christ’s suffering and death. Experience a deeper understanding and appreciation of God’s immeasurable and unconditional love for you — grow closer to Jesus than you ever have before.

Event details
Every Wednesday (21 February 2024 - 20 March 2024), 9.30am - 12.00pm, via Zoom

Registration details

Contact Vivienne at 9785 2268 or Theresa at 9459 7557 to register your interest.

Wednesday Wonderer
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Saturday Rockers Bible Study

Join Saturday Rockers for FULFILLED: Uncovering the Biblical Foundations of Catholicism, an Ascension Press Bible study program featuring Sonja Corbitt, a renown and dynamic Catholic author and speaker.

Fulfilled is an apologetic approach to sharing the Catholic Faith using the Old Testament Tabernacle as a blueprint for the Catholic faith and how Jesus fulfilled it in the New Testament. More specifically, in this study you will explore the biblical roots of the Catholic faith in the Old Testament Tabernacle, and understand how they connect to the liturgical calendar, the priesthood, purgatory, baptism, the Magisterium, the Eucharist, Mary, and many more!

Fulfilled will reignite your love of Scripture and help you share and defend the Catholic Faith with the Word of God. 

This is a 14-session Bible study starting from 17 February 2024 (subject to change), on Zoom.


Event details
Saturdays (starting 17 Feb 2024), 1.30pm, Zoom.

Registration details

WhatsApp Charly at 9100 7401.

Saturday Rockers
Follow Me_Bible Study.png

Legion of Mary Bible Study

Join the Legion of Mary Bible Study Group for an 8-part bible study Follow Me: Meeting Jesus in the Gospel of John by Dr. Edward Sri.

Following Christ takes more than simply believing in him or doing what he asks of us. Jesus wants you to be more than just a believer — he wants you to be his disciple and friend. Follow Me invites you to experience the joy of a renewed friendship with Christ.

Event details
Every 2nd Sunday of the month, beginning 8 October 2023, 1.30pm - 4pm.

Registration details

Contact Naneth at 8455 4602 to register your interest or to find out more.

Legion of Mary
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