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Our Team

Our Parish Priests


Fr Gregory  Tan, SJ

Assistant Parish Priest

Away from Jan - Aug 2024 for the Jesuit Tertianship Formation Programme.


Fr Colin  Tan, SJ

Parish Priest


Fr Leslie Bingkasan, SJ

Assistant Parish Priest

Parish Staff

Parish Pastoral Council

PPC ExCo 2023-2024.JPG

The Parish Pastoral Council and the Executive Committee are formed to shepherd the parish in conformity with the Gospel, current thinking of the Church and the charism of the Society of Jesus. The Parish Pastoral Council comprises all leaders of ministries and convenors of neighbourhood groups whilst members of the Executive Committee are elected at the annual meeting of the Parish Assembly.

PPC ExCo Members 2023 - 2024

Parish Priest: Fr Colin Tan, SJ

Asst. Parish Priests: Fr Gregory Tan, SJ, Fr Leslie Bingkasan SJ

Chairman: Jeremiah Yeu

Vice-Chairman: Charly Kojongian

Members: Aaron Boey, Alex Yew, Amanda Thian, Lionel Wong, Michael Tan, Nathalie Tan, Noel Liu Pascalene Tan, Valerie Lim

Parish Finance Council 2023

Parish Priest: Fr Colin Tan, SJ

Asst. Parish Priest: Fr Gregory Tan, SJ, Fr Leslie Bingkasan, SJ

Parish Accountant: Suzie Wee

Members: Esmond Choo, Tan Kai Seng, Jacqueline Loke, Stephanie Goh 

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