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Pro Bono Legal Clinic

What we do
Catholic Lawyers Guild (CLG) Pro Bono Clinics are for the financially poor and disadvantaged, regardless of religious faith or nationality.

How we can help


  • Family Issues

  • Estate

  • Employment

  • Personal Accident / Injury

  • Tenancy Disputes

  • Monetary Claims

  • Motor and Industrial Accident Claims

You must be facing a legal issue of a personal matter*, for which legal advice has not been sought before, and be unable to afford a lawyer.

*CLG does not provide advice on legal issues in business/ professional matters.


  1. Register online or email our CLG’s Administrator at to register for an appointment.

  2. In order for CLG lawyers to assist you better, please provide information / background of your legal matter, and any documents relating to your legal issue.

  3. Your case will be assigned to one of CLG’s volunteer lawyers, who will contact you for your scheduled appointment.

  4. Due to current Covid-19 precautions, all pro bono advice will be done over the phone once the applicant registers.

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