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Tuesdays, 23 July, 8pm | Annexe Hall

RCIA 2024-2025

Do you have family/friends who may be interested in the Catholic faith or are seeking answers to the stirrings in their hearts? Invite them to the RCIA journey to explore the deeper questions of life in a safe and accepting space.

8 & 9 June 2024 | 9am - 2.30pm

Homemakers Jumble Sale

We are thrilled to announce our biannual Jumble Sale to raise funds for our Church's Social Mission Fund, aiding the underprivilaged.

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Thursdays, 11 July - 14 Nov 2024 | 8-10pm

Guided Tour of the Bible

The program brings participants on a guided tour through the Bible that starts with Genesis and ends with the Book of Revelation. 

Wednesdays (from 17 April) | Zoom

Wednesday Wonderers

Join us for a 24-session study “Matthew: The King and His Kingdom” by Ascension Press starting on 17 April, from 9.30am - 12pm.

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Saturdays (starting 13 July 2024) | Zoom

Saturday Rockers Bible Study

Join the Saturday Rockers for When You Pray: A Clear Path to a Deeper Relationship with God  a new study from Ascension Press, featuring Dr. Edward Sri. Starting on 13 July 2024, 1.30 - 3.45pm.

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