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All Sacraments are an encounter with Christ, who is himself the original sacrament. There are Seven Sacraments, of which six we minister. They are Baptism, First Holy Communion, Confirmation, Reconciliation, Anointing of the Sick and Marriage.

"Baptism joins us with Christ. Confirmation gives us his Spirit. The Eucharist unites us with him. Confession reconciles us with Christ. Through the Anointing of the Sick, Christ heals, strengthens, and consoles. In the sacrament of Matrimony, Christ promises his love in our love and his fidelity in our fidelity"

- YOUCAT #193
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A sacrament of initiation, often regarded as one of admission to the faith, bringing sanctifying grace to the person being baptized.

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Catechism at St Ignatius is a structured faith formation programme that aims to teach children and youth the basic doctrine and sacraments of the Catholic faith.

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A sacrament of initiation in which Jesus Christ gives us His Body and Blood, that we might give ourselves to him in love.

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A sacrament of healing that is freely ministered, in which one experiences the gift of God’s forgiveness, mercy and love.

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confi rciy

A sacrament of initiation that completes Baptism, where Catholics declare their choice to live as God’s child, being sealed with the Holy Spirit to witness to God’s love.

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A sacrament of service in which a lifelong partnership is established between a man and a woman. It is a witness of God’s love to the world.

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A sacrament of healing to give spiritual and physical strength to those suffering with illness, especially near the time of their death.

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Guidelines, advisories, and services to consult during times of bereavement for Catholics.

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Applications for columbarium visits, interment at the columbarium, and memorial plaques within the columbarium.

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Aside from the sacraments, our Church also provide other services such as Mass Offerings, Booking of Facilities, and a Bookstore.

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