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"Baptism is the foundational sacrament and the pre-requisite for all other sacraments. It unites us with Jesus Christ, incorporates us into His redemptive death on the Cross, thereby freeing us from the power of Original Sin and all personal sins, and causes us to rise with him to a life without end."

- YOUCAT #194
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Infant Baptism

Infant baptism is for children up to 7 years of age. Parents who wish to have their child baptised are acknowledging that they have accepted that the child’s baptism is the start of a lifelong commitment and they, together with their child’s godparents, will be responsible for bringing the child up in the faith.

Children age seven and above are assumed to have the use of reason. As such, the said child needs to receive faith formation before being baptised.

"Can. 97 §2. A minor before the completion of the seventh year is called an infant and is considered not responsible for oneself (non sui compos). With the completion of the seventh year, however, a minor is presumed to have the use of reason."


For children between 7-16 years (inclusive), please contact our Catechetical Coordinator at


Baptisms are held every second Sunday of each month (except for Easter, when the baptism will be held on Easter Sunday), subject to availability.

Time: 2.15pm

Venue: Main church


  • 14 July 2024

  • 11 August 2024

  • 08 September 2024

  • 13 October 2024

Click here to register for Infant Baptism

Registration closes 2 weeks before each Infant Baptism date. Kindly complete your registration by the Friday of the week to ensure that your registration is processed in time.



Brian Ling:

Lisa Ling:


Parents who wish to have their child baptised must attend the preparation briefing one week before the date of baptism at 2.15pm together with the child’s godparents. 

Key points to take note:

  1. At least one parent must be a practicing Catholic.

  2. Only a maximum of 2 people should be chosen as Godparents (one male, one female), and must be confirmed, practicing Catholics, at least 16 years of age.

  3. The baptismal name should be a Saint’s name or reflective of a Christian mystery or virtue.

Please read the full guidelines before registering for Infant Baptism.

Note: All registration for infant baptism is NOT confirmed until registrants receive explicit confirmation from the Parish Office. Please contact the Parish Office at 6466 0625 if you do not receive your reply within a week.

Youth/adult baptism
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Adult Baptism

For youths aged 16-25, go to RCIY

For adult baptism, go to RCIA

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