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A team of volunteers that facilitate  and support all catechetical programmes run by the church, educating and evangelising to children and youths in the parish. 

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easter vigil rcia

Are you searching for God? Are you drawn to the Catholic Church? Or are you simply curious about the faith and want to learn more? Come discover the truth, wonder and mystery of the Catholic faith through the RCIA journey.

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A community for youths aged 16 to 25 who are interested in exploring the Catholic Faith. The RCIY team are dedicated to journeying with the youths from their first contact with Jesus to baptism and beyond.

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The Alpha Course is a practical introduction to the Christian faith. It provides an opportunity for anyone to explore the meaning of life and unpack the basics of Christianity in a relaxed and informal environment.

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Prayer Group

Various Bible study groups in our parish that organise scripture study combining personal Bible reading, lectures, small-group faith sharing, and prayer in informal settings to lead participants to a fuller understanding of the Word. 

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Landings Church of St Ignatius (Black Wo

Maybe you have been away from the Church for a little while or for quite some time. And you feel a tug at your heart calling you back. Listen to it.

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The I2O Ministry seeks to reach out to connect people to Jesus and to one another as a member of a community within the family of God in the Catholic Church of St Ignatius and the universal Church at large.

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