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I2O (Ite Inflammate Omnia) Ministry

The I2O Ministry seek to reach out to connect people to Jesus and to one another as a member of a community within the family of God in the Catholic Church of St Ignatius and the universal Church at large.


We also seek to continually reach up to God and the Holy Spirit to sustain and nourish our work in the I2O ministry to remain aflame, with passion and zeal in this evangelistic mission. We endeavour to reach within our communities to help Catholics find their way back to God again.

Our ministry runs THE SEARCH programme, 7-weekly half hour video sessions followed by a 45 min breakout group discussion, for those who are seeking the ultimate meaning of life, both for non-believers and Catholics seeking to reconnect and delve deeper into their faith.

Meeting Details

2-3 runs per year, each run comprises of 7-weekly sessions

February 2023 (starting 6 Feb)

May 2023 (8 May - 19 June 2023)

Every Monday evening, 7.15pm, Sacred Heart Hall


Donald Poon:

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