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A team of trained volunteers who cater to the physical and spiritual well-being of our parishioners with dementia through various activities with religious and spiritual elements incorporated into each session.

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A ministry that provides spiritual aid and support to bereaved parishioners and their families by praying at wakes and assisting in funeral services.

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Journeys with the housebound, elderly and the sick of the Parish by visiting their homes or hospitals, praying with and for them, and bringing the sacraments to them.

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The SSVP seeks personal and spiritual growth through service to those most in need.


They assist about 120 Friends-In-Need, staying in one-room rental flats at Redhill Close by providing monthly cash rations, living necessities, and most importantly, friendship and support. 

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Lending a Helping Hand

The Social Mission Team actively reaches out to those who are in need of assistance — these are our brothers and sisters who have ‘slipped through the cracks’ of existing social aid or due to the situation they are in, need additional aid or emergency assistance whilst they await aid from social service agencies.

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Are you seeking…God, a faith community, a ministry to grow in…a place to call home and plant roots?

Whether you are a current or new parishioner, and need some help navigating the Parish, or just a friendly face to connect with, we would love to meet with you and help you in this journey. 

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