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Hi there! We are DVC Facilitators ministry (also simply known as Facils). Our main ministry is to the sec 3 and sec 4 confirmation classes but we also help out in the DVC camps. Our role mainly entails assisting the catechist to run sessions, building friendships with the participants in our group and leading sharings.

The one thing that pulls us together as a ministry would be a great desire to journey with people in our faith. Most of our members joined Facils because they were touched and inspired by their own Facils when they were going through the confirmation program.

We hope to be a reflection of Christ to the participants. To show them in our own way how God has worked in our lives. Perhaps have a glimpse of God’s love and mercy through our thoughts and care for them.

"The road is long, the journey tough. But how nice it would be to have you with me"

Meeting Details

Every Saturday 3.00 - 6.00pm

Every Sunday 9.30am -12.00pm, Zoom

Note: As we support the Catechism classes, our meeting timings would be the same as the Sec 3 & 4 Catechism timings.



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