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We are a ministry of about 80 parishioners who have been formally commissioned as Proclaimers of the Word of God at all Masses in the Catholic Church of St Ignatius. Our principal function is to proclaim the Word of God to the congregation fervently, reverently and with conviction.

We organise compulsory preparatory sessions for lectors before every Sunday and Day of Obligation Mass, all year round. In addition, we also organize days of recollection, retreats and social events (to build camaraderie and fellowship among our members).

Meeting Details
Every Wednesday 8.00 - 9.00pm, Zoom

Ministry Timing: Weekday & Weekend Masses as rostered


President: Genevieve Chye,
Vice-president: Nicole Yeo,
Secretary: Mary Sim,

Recruitment: Liana Teo,

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