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Parish Events > Lent - An Ignatian Year Pilgrimage

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Lent - An Ignatian Year Pilgrimage with St Ignatius

Let us embark on a journey with the Lord this Lent, walking with him on the road to Calvary and beyond. We’ll be joined by St Ignatius of Loyola on this pilgrimage, learning from his own experiences as a pilgrim, on the road with the Lord. As we go on this journey, we’re invited to look at how we change and grow, encountering the Lord and enlivening our faith in the process.

Event Details

Wednesdays of Lent at 8pm

5 weekly online sessions, beginning 9 March 2022

Facilitated by Fr Stanley Goh, SJ

Session Links
Session 1 (9 March 2022):

Session 2 (16 March 2022):

Session 3 (23 March 2022):

Session 4 (30 March 2022):


These sessions will continue to be available for viewing online, at your own leisure, and using the same link.

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