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Magis Family Ministry (MFM)

Magis Family Ministry (MFM) is a family life ministry with membership open to all in our parish. It is our goal to work with the parish priest, PPC Exco and other family ministries to foster the spiritual growth of families to become evangelising families, by striking a good balance between providing pastoral care for parishioners and empowering them to take charge of the spiritual growth of their families.

Our ministry began its work in 2016 when we introduced Deacon Harold together with the help of the Archdiocese Commission for Families (ACF) to give a talk on how to live out our catholic values in modern day families. We have since hosted the Couple Empowerment Programme (CEP) in 2017 and started Couple Mentorship Journey (CMJ) in our parish.

MFM has been active in helping in Family Masses and hosted a few family gatherings in 2019.  We have also worked with our catechists in some of the camp activities that have brought families together through our Magis Circles where participants are encouraged to seek a more intimate connection with each other through reflections, sharings, activities and prayers. Before the pandemic struck, we had started a pop-up MFM Café where we invited speakers to speak on topics relating to Family Life. 

Our MFM members look forward to a new normal where we can meet up with our parishioners once again.

Click here to read more about our Terms of Reference.

Couple Mentor Journey (CMJ)
The CMJ is a couple-to-couple mentorship programme that has just begun at St. Ignatius. We have seven seasoned married couples from our parish who have been trained to mentor newly-wed couples through an eight-week journey.

Our ministry members are fully aware that to cover the whole spectrum of pastoral and spiritual needs of family life is an immense commitment that can only be fulfilled in stages when more parishioners are drawn in with their different gifts and ideas. We are constantly discussing and discerning on our next stage of growth. All of us in MFM believe that if we were to bear any fruits for the families, we need to constantly rely on the strength of prayers and the grace of God.

To register for the Couple Mentor Journey go to:

Khoo Peng Beng: 

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