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Open Studio

The aim of this ministry is to journey with fellow pilgrims in the Ignatian tradition of “finding God in all things” and especially in our own unique life situations and our day-to-day experiences, feelings, thoughts, aspirations and dreams.  As with St Ignatius, imagination and creativity are our valuable ways of finding God in the Open studio.

These goals are met by providing:

  1. A sacred space of gentle silence and stillness to hear the Holy Spirit speak through scripture, poetry, nature, (among many others), art making and the faith sharing of the group

  2. A safe and intimate holding space of a faith community that deliberately aspires to be a perfect channel of God’s presence through authentic listening

  3. An art space where art making is prayer itself, an active partnership with the Holy Spirit

The artwork, which is the fruit of the art-making prayer experience, is a concrete personal and meaningful reminder of our encounter with the Lord which continues to inspire us to further reflection. It can include, but is not limited to, drawings, paintings, collage, sculptures from clay and other materials, sewing, craft, photography, creative writing. Freedom of expression is greatly encouraged!

No prior art experience is required as the focus is not on the image as an art exhibit but rather as a personal prayer piece. 

Confidentiality of everyone's artwork and faith sharings are important in the Open Studio so no images of personal artworks are posted on any social media 

Meeting Details

Due to COVID-19, meetings have been suspended

Participants must be aged 21 years or above

Registration is needed for each session.


Anne Tang: 9751 1854,
Angela Lee: 9671 8788,