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Open Studio

The Open Studio is a creative prayer ministry where people listen and reflect on scripture and oftentimes respond through art, writing or other creative expressions. 


Sessions are held on a themed basis for Lent, Easter, Ordinary time and Advent.


A variety of art and writing materials are provided to be used in any way desired. Prayer art expressions are unique; some participants may doodle, stencil, paint, collage, sew,  or sculpt with clay, while others may prefer to pen down their reflections or just pray and enjoy their time with God. 


Freedom of expression is celebrated and the creative prayer process is equally if not more important than the final result. We treasure the fruit of the creative prayer experience, as a highly personal and meaningful reminder of our encounter with the Lord, rather than an art piece for display. 


A rough outline of the 3 hour- session is given below:
30 mins:      Opening prayer

Welcome and Check-in 

Introduction of the session’s theme

45 mins:      Settling into God’s Presence

Listening to Scripture & Reflection

Imaginative contemplation

1 hr 15 mins: Personal prayer and creative expression

30 mins:       Group sharing (optional) 


No prior art experience is necessary. Love offerings are welcome to help defray church expenses.

Open Studio Sessions

Fridays, 9am to 12 noon

Register for our Open Studio Ordinary Time Series: “Come to me, I will give you rest”

Participants must be 21 years or above to participate.


Anne/ Angela:

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