Compulsory Use of TraceTogether

In line with the government's regulations, our parish will adopt the ‘TraceTogether-only SafeEntry’ (TTSE) system by 17 May, 2021. Parishioners will ONLY be able to do your SafeEntry Check-In using the TraceTogether App or Token.

Parishioners without the TraceTogether App or Token will be denied entry. SafeEntry Gateway With effect from 19 April 2021, our Parish has also deployed the SafeEntry Gateway devices as an additional check-in mode for all Masses. SafeEntry Gateway is a contactless means of checking in, and will be carried out at the registration desks.

Please continue to bring your NRIC/Work Permit for our volunteers to verify your Mass booking before you are admitted to the Church Hall.

FAQ 1. Can I do the SafeEntry Check-In multiple people using the TraceTogether App? Yes. Register in the app > click on ‘Group’ > ‘Add Family Members’ > follow the on-screen instructions. Note: You cannot check-in multiple people using the token, only the App. 2. Must I use BOTH TraceTogether App and Token? No, you will only need to use one of the two. 3. Can I use the TraceTogether App for my usual SafeEntry Check-In elsewhere? Yes. There will soon be a nationwide transition to 'TraceTogether-only' SafeEntry Check-In QR Codes. After which, the SingPass QR Code reader and your phone’s native QR code reader will no longer be able to scan new 'TraceTogether-only SafeEntry' Check-In QR Codes. 4. When can I start using my TraceTogether App or Token? If you already have the TraceTogether App or Token, you may start using it for your SafeEntry Check-In when arriving for Mass. 5. Do I still need to bring my NRIC along when I attend Mass? Yes. The SafeEntry Check-In process is the government's contact tracing program. Whereas, our volunteer's scan each person's NRIC/Work Permit to verify your Mass booking before admission into the Church Hall. Download the TraceTogether App:

Collect TraceTogether Token:

For more information, please visit: or email:

Our ability to allow more parishioners to receive the Eucharist depends on our willingness to work together as a parish community. Thank you for your cooperation.

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