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July Mass Bookings

The booking for Masses in July on will be made available on the following dates: Stage 1 - 29 June, 3pm Stage 2 - 06 July, 3pm Stage 3 - 13 July, 3pm Stage 4 - 20 July, 3pm We are happy to announce that our parish will gradually increase the capacity to accommodate more than 50 persons per Mass. We will pilot the introduction of Masses to accommodate 170 pax for specific weekend Mass dates and timings (details below). There will be 2 category of Masses for the month of July. 1) Masses for 50 pax

  • For these Masses, pre-event testing (PET) is not required

  • All parishioners are welcome for such Masses, regardless of whether you have been vaccinated or not

  • For persons who have not been vaccinated, including families with young children, you are encouraged to continue to attend Masses under this category.

2) Masses for 170 pax* for the following Masses (kindly read the requirements below if you wish to attend these Masses):

  • Sunday 18 July, 12.15pm

  • Sunday 25 July, 12.15pm

  • Saturday 31 July, 06.00pm (Feast Day of St Ignatius)

REQUIREMENTS FOR MASSES ABOVE 50 PAX *All attendees of these Masses must either be a) fully vaccinated or b) have undergone approved pre-event testing (PET)

a) Vaccinations are considered valid 14 days after you have taken your 2nd dose (only Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are permitted). You will have to show a proof of your vaccination via the TraceTogether App or token.

b) PETs to be done at your own cost and in your own time. Under MOH guidelines, accepted PETs are the approved Covid-19 Antigen Rapid Test (ART) or the Polymerase Chain Reaction Test (PCR) administered by an approved test provider. Self-test Kits will NOT be accepted. Do note that test results are only valid for 24 hours from the time of testing. Parishioners are to ensure that the result of the test is valid until the end of the Mass that he/she is attending.

Entry will be denied if you fail to produce the relevant test results or proof of vaccination.

From June 2021, all bookings in MARS will also come with a booking number for example “025”. This booking number will be indicated on the myBooking page of the parishioner’s account. For example, if the number “025” is shown, it means that you are the 25th person who has booked for that particular Mass in your parish.

These numbers will enable the Digital Church Office to better track attendees in the event that there is a sudden need to reduce the numbers. With the introduction of the booking number, it will reduce the need for a Mass re-booking exercise should the number of Mass attendees be reduced, to be in keeping with the prevailing Covid-19 safety measures set by the Multi-Ministry Taskforce and MCCY.

In order to ensure that as many parishioners are able to attend at least one Mass a month, we ask that you do not book more than one weekend and one weekday Mass in the first round of bookings.

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