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Looking for: Youth Coordinator

We are looking for a Christ-centred and dynamic individual to provide comprehensive and holistic ministry and formation to youth and young adults within our parish. You will be primarily responsible for journeying with and sustaining the development of our vibrant and growing youth community. As a leader of leaders, you will have the opportunity to engage, communicate with and inspire individuals in their respective faith journeys. You will also collaborate across the community in the conduct of parish events and initiatives.

Desired Skills & Experience

• Personal spirituality and ability to accompany and support individual youths through their faith journey

• Strong leadership skills with the ability to inspire others and lead by example

• High level of accountability and organisational skills

• Emotional competence and a good sense of healthy boundaries

• Ability to teach, lead worship, run cell groups

• Experience in social media communications, conflict resolution and facilitation

Interested applicants, please email your resume to by 19 May 2022.

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