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March Mass Bookings

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

IMPORTANT UPDATES: With effect from 1 March 2022 parishioners will be able to: 1) BOOK MASS AT ANOTHER CHURCH (other than their registered church)

The permitted booking dates for Masses for another church will be the login date and the following two days’ Masses. Non-registered parishioners wishing to book at another church will only see a 3-day Mass schedule. Only registered parishioners can see the whole month’s Mass schedule of the church.


There will be a cap of 1 weekend and 6 weekday Masses per booking (increased from 5 weekday Masses). This is regardless of whether booking is made at your registered church or at another. This cap will be applied to ALL PARISHIONERS regardless of the church they are registered at.


MARCH MASS BOOKING SCHEDULE The booking for Masses in March will be made available on Tuesdays at 3pm via, on the following dates below except for the first round of bookings which will be on Saturday, 26 February.


Timeframe of Masses

26 February 2022 (Saturday)

Stage 1 booking for Weekend Mass and all Weekday Mass Bookings

01 March 2022

Stage 2 booking for any balance Weekend Mass and Weekday Mass

08 March 2022

Stage 3 booking for any balance Weekend Mass and Weekday Mass

15 March 2022

Stage 4 booking for the remainder Weekend Mass and any Weekday Mass.


  • Parishioners will be able to book ONE Weekend Mass and up to SIX Weekday Masses at each stage, subject to availability. You may choose any weekend in that month as long as there are slots available.

  • W.e.f 1 Feb 2022, Weekday evening Masses that fall on a Public Holiday will be celebrated at 6pm instead of the usual 7pm.

  • A uniform 1-hour booking cancellation and 45-minute booking cut-off before the Mass time will be applied across ALL parishes.



ASH WEDNESDAY (2 March 2022)

7.30am (100 pax), 6.00pm (300 pax) & 8.00pm (300 pax)

Update: Additional 200 slots for the 7.30am Mass have been opened on our Calendly booking system. Book a slot at


Saturday, 4.30pm & 6.00pm Sunday, 8.15am, 10.15am, 12.15pm, 4.30pm & 6.00pm


Monday - Friday, 7.30am (100 pax)

Monday - Friday, 7.00pm (150 pax)

On Public Holiday, evening Masses will be celebrated at 6pm instead of 7pm.


Fridays during Lent, immediately after the 7.30am Mass and at 6.30pm before the 7.00pm Mass. Parishioners will only need to book for Mass in order to attend both Stations of the Cross and Mass

Due to the latest government advisory on safe management measures, ALL MASSES on are now Vaccinated-only. UNVACCINATED MASS

Friday, 6.00pm, La Storta Room (5 pax) For Unvaccinated Mass, please book at (Slots for March are currently fully booked, but you may keep a lookout for cancellations if there's any. Bookings for April will open sometime on the 4th week of March)



Ministry of Health (MOH) has defined the following categories of persons deemed to be vaccinated and allowed for entry into public Masses

  • Fully vaccinated, as indicated by TraceTogether or HealthHub status

  • Recovered from COVID-19 infections and granted a 180-day exemption period (including unvaccinated or partially unvaccinated) & have an official MOH Discharge Memo

  • Medically ineligible for vaccination, as indicated by either TraceTogether or HealthHub status or an official certificate issued by MOH

  • Children aged 12 years and younger (born on or after 2010). There will no longer be any limit on the number of children for the booking of Masses.

  • From 1 January 2022, in line with the Government regulations, Pre-Event Testing (PET) results will not be accepted for entry to Vaccinated-only Masses.

Entry will be denied if you fail to produce the relevant proofs needed.


Updated as of 28 February 2022

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