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Praying with the Mother of God

I had been hosting the Choir Ministry’s online rosary sessions every Sunday since the start of the pandemic. But these sessions eventually came to a halt as some of us were called back to support the Catholic online broadcast.

Although I knew our involvement was creating opportunities for people around the world to encounter Jesus, my time with him alone soon became a backdrop in my life. One day, however, when the evening practice sessions were delayed, I decided to step outside the room. Just 10 footsteps out, I found ourself standing outside the door of the Adoration Room.

Since I could not enter, I stole glimpses of the Blessed Sacrament through a window panel and kept silent for the Lord. Even though my eyes were open, I could hear Jesus speaking to me in a small voice, “Pray with the Mother of God”. I knew what He meant but I also knew I lacked self-discipline.

I could hear Jesus speaking to me in a small voice, “Pray with the Mother of God”.

Thankfully, it didn’t take too long for me to resume my rosary prayers. But often, I failed to ‘still’ my mind. I found difficulty setting aside my preoccupations and would recite the prayers fast. Until I was reminded of a time when I dedicated myself to praying the rosary for a dying person for 30 days during Lent. I would pray the rosary in the wee hours of the morning in the hospital. Far beyond my comprehension, I witnessed a miracle right in front of my own eyes. In that journey, more than ever, I found myself drawn to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation. I started to be more conscious of my actions and words.

In God’s perfect timing, a friend invited me to join the rosary community. She had not known I was looking for one. I must admit, I had to get used to the timing even as I scheduled these daily sessions into my work calendar. I felt a drastic change in my prayer life as I opened my ears to the countless petitions shared by others. I started to pen down these petitions, so that in my own time, I would offer them up to our Lord. Most of all, the rosary prayers allowed me to slow down and reorientate my inner disposition towards the Lord.

Sometimes whilst meditating on the Mysteries of the Rosary, I hear the Lord’s voice leading me to invite someone to pray the rosary with me. I now find myself hosting ad hoc online rosary sessions with individuals who are struggling with anxiety at work.

If you are struggling with sin, or if you have souls that you care about and you want God to impact their lives, I recommend that you start praying the rosary even if you have only 15 minutes available. Wherever we are, whatever we are feeling right now, God will bless such moments. He promises us that if we draw near to Him, He will draw near to us! For “Nothing is impossible with God’’.



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