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Seeking Surrender

Seeking Surrender is DVC's worship community+ministry! We serve the youth of our parish by playing for camps and events, offering ourselves as instruments for God to draw His children to Him through music.

But... we are much more than just a band! We are a fun and welcoming community that grows in faith together through scripture, prayer, and fellowship. To most of our members, SS feels like home – a safe place to be vulnerable before God and before others. 

Just as our name suggests, we're constantly on a journey towards surrender together.

Note: There is NO musical experience required to join SS. You can be part of our community even if you don't intend to serve in a music-related capacity! Our doors are open all year long, with no specific open season.

Meeting Details

Every Wednesday 8.00 - 10.00pm, Annexe Hall


Yuancheng Tan: 8428 6675

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